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Cornwall Maps; road maps, visitor attractions and points of interest! Cornwall Visitors Map

OS 1:25000 Map Keys - Symbols Explained

Here we go through the various Ordnance Survey map symbols & markings and explain their meanings.

OS Map Symbols Explained - Roads & Paths


Motorways are shown in blue, main roads are shown as purple and 'B' or secondary roads are orange.



Gradients show arrows pointing downhill.

OS Explorer Maps key - Public Rights of Way (Footpaths, Bridleways, Byways, etc)

Rights of Way

Public Footpaths & Bridleways are generally shown on the maps as green dotted lines (see image).


(Note: Rights of Way are not on maps of Scotland)

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Holiday Accommodation - over 1,000+ Holiday Cottages in Cornwall OS Explorer Maps key - Other Public Access (National trails, Recreational Routes, permissive footpaths, etc)

Other Public Access, Trails & Cycle Routes

National Trails & Recreational Routes are also in green.


Permissive footpaths and bridleways are shown in yellow.

OS Explorer Maps key - Tourism & Leisure Map Symbols

Map Symbols

The map symbols for Tourism and Leisure information are blue and cover a wide range of visitor attractions and activities, including National Trust and English Heritage properties.


Picnic sites and viewpoints are also featured on maps.


Notice the difference in the Information Centres (see image); some may be seasonal!





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