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Map of Colliford Lake

Colliford Lake & Bodmin Moor Map


Colliford Lake is the largest lake in Cornwall and has a wide selection of leisure activities (directions).


Holiday Cottages near Bodmin Moor





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Map & Directions for Colliford Lake:


There are a few roads leading to Colliford Lake, depending on what part you are going to, but all lead off from the A30 so Colliford Lake is pretty easy to find.


OS Grid Reference: SX179730



If you are travelling by car, access can be found from either;



  • from Bolventor you can also find access to Dozmary Pool, come off the A30 at Bolventor and follow into the village, and follow the signs for Dozmary Pool



  • If you take the turn (south of Bolventor on A30) for Bodmin Moor Wildlife Centre, you can actually do a round robin and drive right around the whole of Colliford Lake, plus take in Dozmary Pool before arriving back at Bolventor (see map above).