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The Camel Trail runs for almost 18 miles and it is Cornwall's most popular multi-use trail. It's used by around half a million people every year, but you don't have to do all of it! There are many access points along the trail as it runs from Padstow to Wenford Bridge (Poley's Bridge) via Wadebridge & Bodmin.


Its not just popular with walkers and cyclists either, many naturalists and birdwatchers highly rate this part of the north coast too. In fact, its not unheard of to spot peregrine falcons whilst on this part of the trail, which incidentally, is the fastest member of the animal kingdom.


This interactive map of The Camel Trail in Cornwall shows a variety of popular visitor attractions, landmarks on the way, accommodation & more. Click on any of the icons shown for more information (zoom in or out for more icons).


For a more in-depth guide to this multi-use trail, please visit: Guide to the Camel Trail.

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The Camel Trail